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racquelin's Journal

27 January
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Musing/writing journal of rayerai. More frequent and technical updates (but also more goodies) can be found at silicon and stars collide. Ask me for an invite, if you're so inclined.

Friends only, but comment and I'll likely add you.

Most frequently seen playing at limyaael, little_details, 50bookchallenge and note_to_muse.

If I've mysteriously friended you, don't be creeped out. It means some combination of the following: I've seen you around in my own hang-outs enough to know your name/icon/some vague grasp of what you're writing and wouldn't mind returning the favor, that I respect you as a writer, that I'm curious/intrigued as to what you're writing, or that I just think you're that cool.

creative writing, fiction, losing sleep to write, memes, muses, plotting, reading, word counts, writing, yelling at muses